Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Annually subscription support plans offered by us give 12 month guarantee and can be refundable within thirty days of subscription amount received. On other hand, payment can be refundable, if you are not satisfied with our services but it depends upon the decision of the company management.

We have a Thirty day money refund policy following terms and conditions:-

For small/annual business plans-

  • 100 % of plan charges will be refunded, if claim is requested within 30 calendar days of subscription.
  • The refund policy is not valid for per incidence plans.
  • No amount or money will be refunded after thirty calendar days of subscription plan.

Refunds are only Accepted, Either of the following circumstances:-

  • When you have all the preconditions which were needed to solve the problems and that was not solved even your account was active.
  • The issue is out of the scope for the particular plan.
  • The period of 30 days is not over.
  • There has not been a fixed error or closed ticket in the previous for unlimited plans.

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